Das Unternehmen als Film II

Nach der letzten Übung gab es eine Zusatzaufgabe: Nun sollten die Unternehmenswerte aus dem Filmplot abgeleitet werden. Wirklich eine super Übung, die einen erfrischend kreativen Zugang zu den sonst so zähen Überlegungen über Werte liefert! (es muss darauf hingewiesen werden, dass es sich hierbei nur um meine Überlegungen zu möglichen Unternehmenswerten handelt, nicht um die Offiziellen)

And the Moral of it is (Values)

Pioneers in spirit
We are young; we are early adopters (flying with the new Hindenburg for example) and we trying to find new ways. On the one hand because we think it is necessary (aircraft disaster) and on the other hand because of the hope for a better answer for our own meaning of life (reaching different islands and finally Friedrichshafen).

Interdisciplinary Approach
We believe in diversity. Like Mr Money, Mr Power and Ms Art, we have learned that we are only with a combination of all three approaches able to reach the best performances and answers. We know that our environment is changing fast and therefore we have to have a good set of interdisciplinary knowledge.

Ability to be critical
Even if it is painful, we have learned to accept the fact, that nobody is perfect, that nobody do have an objective point of view. We are able to analyze and reflect viewpoints very critical – especially our own!

Strong will
We believe in ourselves and in that what we do. Only because of this we are able to reach Friedrichshafen and thus to change the world.

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