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In der letzten Stunde “Management of Communication” haben wir von Frau Dr. Vey eine seltsame Aufgabe bekommen. Die Frage war, wie die Zeppelin University als Film aussehen würde. Oder anders gefragt: Welches Genre, welche Akteure, welchen Plot hätte das Unternehmen ZU? Nachdem ich mich zuerst etwas über den Sinn gewundert hatte, habe ich unten stehendes Ergebnis zustande gebracht und festgestellt, dass die Übung sehr gut dabei geholfen hat, sich über die Vision und das Mission Statement klar zu werden.

The Zeppelin University as a Movie
Title: The Wandering of Money, Power and Art; Genre: Adventure film; Main Characters: Mr. Money, Mr. Power, Ms. Art

We are writing the year 1937. Six years after construction began in 1931, the ‘Hindenburg’ made its transatlantic maiden test flight from the Zeppelin dockyards at Friedrichshafen with 97 souls on board. Mr. Money, Mr. Power and Ms. Art are sitting in complete excitement on their chairs together and watching out the window. After a while Ms. Art mentions that in her point of view the new possibilities of air traveling are one of the most extraordinary cultural achievements of mankind which will lead to intercultural exchange and understanding. Mr. Money looks irritated at her and says: “Cultural achievements? Think about the economic possibilities. Isn’t it obvious that it’s all about gains and losses why man burden all these efforts?” Ms. Art looks very offended and Mr. Power intervenes: “No, Sir, no. I have to regret entirely! Haven’t you recognized the military goals which are pursued by this triumph of engineering, you fool? This airship will bring Germany with regard to international deliberations in a superior position back again.” Mr. Money jumps up. So does Mr. Power. “You ignorant idiots!” Ms. Art says and goes away. All of them are swearing to talk to each other never ever again.
A few moments after that somebody is screaming “fire, fire!” and the passengers got into panic. The death struggle of the Hindenburg takes only thirteen minutes, after that the big proud of German engineering is sunk to the ground of the sea. It seems that none of the passengers survived this tragic hellfire. But wait! After a closer look there is a little raft on the mighty sea with three survivors on it. Ms. Art, Mr. Money and Mr. Power were able to rescue themselves on a big piece of wood.
Totally run out of conversation and with no hope to see their beloved Friedrichshafen again the three survivors started one of the most fascinating journeys history have ever told. Time after time they had to come through new adventures and temptations. Once there was a deserted island where Ms. Art wants to stay to fulfill her meaning of life by writing a poem with shells into the beach, over and over again until she is forced to leave the island by Mr. Money and Mr. Power. Or on another island Mr. Money tries to collect all the valuable pearls from the bottom of the ocean. Now the others rescued him from secure death. Finally Mr. Power tries on another island to establish his own state with a dozen of parrots. These are repeating him all the time, which is very satisfactory to him. After a while Ms. Art, Mr. Money and Mr. Power are recognizing that only together they have the strength to fulfill their aim of coming home again.
In the end they have finally arrived Friedrichshafen again – three years after their departure. The world is speechless after hearing of the long time ago forgotten Hindenburg passengers. It doesn’t take long and nearly every child on the planet is able to tell the successful story about the co-operation between Ms. Art, Mr. Money and Mr. Power.

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